Knokke / Het Zoute –

The new Flemish government is demanding that the churches and their noisy leaf blowers, brush cutters, and haagscharen waste facilities. Since the old devices appear to be using their two-stroke engine “vervuilender a car”. In the West Flanders town of Knokke bans, therefore, will also be able to residents and landscapers in order to use them.

the Concrete demands of the government of the more than 300 Flemish mayors, that they are “tweetakttoestellen for the care and maintenance of the public green space” have been replaced by better ones.

The reason for this is not far to seek. A Recent scientific study found that a leaf blower on a two stroke, vervuilender is a than 1 700 km and can drive a car. “With such a tweetakttoestellen to sit in such a way a lot of the disadvantages that you would be a complete ecological disaster,” says Mark Pecqueur, professor of auto technology at Thomas More college. “In addition to a lot of noise, punch, as a two-stroke engine, extreme amounts of dust, but also lots of impurities. Therefore, it is very unhealthy to have such a machine, because one has to go to that pollutant emissions are capable of. Especially in cities where there is a low zone (LEZ), it is, in fact, the insanity that is tweetakttoestellen – you can also think of some – is even allowed, it would have been.”

Pecqueur rejoice, therefore, that in Flanders requires municipalities to be more eco-friendly and low-noise blowers, haagscharen, a chainsaw and a brush cutter to buy, for example, on the battery. With a brush cutter will be more in the weeds on the paths are deleted.

as of The VVSG, the association of cities, towns, and communities, to understand the decision, and especially pleased to hear that there will be no immediate ban, is that it’s added on a large investment. De groendienst van, a Flemish municipality currently has a dozen or so of these devices in the shop to lie down.

The West-Flemish town of Knokke, is going a step further. The board prohibits the later inhabitants of these tweetaktmachines, as those with a second home in the coastal city, “and groenaannemers that in our own gardens, come and maintain it,” according to the ships of the Stadsonderhoud Pete The Great. He was going to take it out to other municipalities and their inhabitants will have a similar to prohibit. “With this technology, it is simply no longer of our time.”
More about the VVSG Churches don’t want to have to pay themselves millions in additional pay to police the Municipalities tackle an invoice for the additional pay police officers, Especially for the fly tipping to be a GAS-fines will be issued. But what are these fines actually are, and you can get them? Here to send the mayor to the police when there is a weed in your sidewalk grow: “but for five minutes work?”