Our newspaper has picked up, yesterday, from the high salaries earned by scheidsrechtersbaas David Elleray (300,000 euros) and the technical director of the Bertrand Layec (€200,000), an amount that has to hold when the referee makes.

“This is not an accurate number,” said David Elleray, yesterday, for the first time the camera’s on the VRT and VTM. “It’s not even the half of it.” Strange, because in the Pro League, the highest authorities of the football association, it has now been confirmed.

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“Refs are better, the VAR is not””:

“The level of awards has been improved,” says Elleray. “You thought I going crazy when I saw the refs were obliged to have a body fat percentage of 12 percent to 15 percent that go with it. Everyone can now see that they are fitter when they are in the box. They can do it better. Our evaluation methodology, which consists of four steps, is bearing fruit. Our awards will be assessed in a detailed study by independent people to be in Spain, Portugal, ireland, Russia, USA, south africa, South Africa, and South America. On Wednesdays, they will get through the phone is a review by Bertrand Layec, our chief technical officer. Also, the clubs are allowed to have their opinion, and in Lawrence, and you’re allowed to, for the first time in a long time to have a Belgian in a champions League match, whistle.”

it Is Elleray happy with the refs, then it is a lot less risk (VAR). “That’s what the evolution is much slower than expected. We did the same evaluation has not yet been introduced. Also, it is not a good ref, a good VAR and vice versa. There are specific qualities that need to be used. The value must be quicker to make the decision. It is hidden behind the other countries as well. But, and this is important: you are correct, it is more important than speed. The value must not be the best decision to make, and he needs bad decisions to rectify the situation.”

Better communication

“It goes wrong with the communication in the first place, and the stadium itself. This is where we need to find a way so that the people would like to know why the value is being consulted and why a decision is being made.”

850.000 eur provided by the royal belgian football association and the Pro League, was released for the awards, the distribution is subject to strong criticism. “We have to turn our budget in the right way,” said Elleray. “But any change takes time. It Was in the previous years better as well.”