Oliver Naesen on Sunday, one of the eight belgian, at the start of the world championship in cycle racing in the Uk, Yorkshire. In the shadow of the leaders, Philippe Gilbert and Greg Van Avermaet, but he himself does not stand a chance. “I’ve got a good chance, but the others are a lot more.”


Greg Van Avermaet: “I will give myself two times out of ten, but it may not be necessary”:

Gilbert: “as Long as the rain will be a huge battle, it would be better”

Belgium has a very strong block, with two distinct leaders, Philippe Gilbert and Greg Van Avermaet, and in addition to the five luitenanten: Dylan Teuns, Tim Wellens, Oliver Naesen, Yves Lampaert, Remco Evenepoel ‘ and ‘ a maid for all the work of Tim He. How to go for the five, all of them self-leader within their own team, and must comply with the teamorders? For example, a group of major names jumping off. Who’s going to be the hole to fill when He is no longer there, who will sacrifice?

Oliver Naesen: “We are Deceuninck’s national teams

After the victory in the final stage of the Ibm Tour and his second place in Milano-san remo will Naesen are more than likely to have a free role in the Belgian team. “Yes, yes, I, too, can become world champion. This is a wonderful opportunity, but there are a lot more likely to have it. In fact, Greg? That is ‘ietske’ is more of a chance. That, in Montreal, against the other favourites to win. We have some of the Deceuninck Quick.The Step of the national team. The best idea is to step.”

now, On to Tim, He could be an outsider, the seven team leaders will find it in the Belgian team. Those who sacrifice themselves for the absolute leaders Of the Team, and Gilbert? “That’s a subject we try to be here for a little bit to avoid it,” grins Naesen. “All of us are pros, we’ll find out what you can and can’t do. This has, to our selection, so an explanation of what he expects of us. But back to the race, many of the scenarios. Individually, you should be lucky to have, collectively, for all of us. But He and Phil are on top of us. It’s, therefore, there is a sacrifice. And if we’re in a different scenario, you end up in, I am in a position to make war, to be sure.”

The tactics meeting with the coach and the riders will find the traditional Saturday night spot. The division of labour laid down.

of the love handles and the ‘usual suspects’ to avoid

What is a Belgian world champion? “First of all, the whole of the day, superattent to keep on eating, keep on drinking. A stupid, boring answer, but it is really a fact of life: if the tank is run down, then you’re going to be the finish line to see it. And it comes with a lot of riders have done. It is superneig’ rain. Love handles, to (to), woke up, and the tactical value for each drive. If a group is started, there needs to be a Belgian, with which you can win. Not pulling away, so it is with men that we just can’t be beat. These are the ‘usual suspects’: Alaphilippe, though we don’t know what it is right now. Van der Poel, who have been kind, let’s say, no questions asked. And Sagan, of course.”

those Who sign a 0 war needs, according to Naesen is not in the Belgium squad to rely on. “We’ll be able to certainly be a course, but it’s not for us, for the first two to three hours in the ruins and to drive up with the other favorites, year in the works. Then we would have a bunch of stupid drivers / riders are. I don’t think it’s a boring world, but it can be included in any sportevent, that seven hours is not at the start of ‘bim, bam, boom, done.” Thankfully, those days are over.”

Photo: BELGAIMAGE < / P> Tim Wellens: “The weather plays in my favor”

for example, If slechtweerspecialist have Tim Wellens and be sure to gloat at the weather forecast for Sunday. “Yes, that bothers me, it is not that it’s a Sunday, it would be sheltered from the rain. However, I think it would be good for the whole of the Belgian team. I don’t think anyone out there will benefit from it. However, I would like to have the race going on, so it’s not too hard to go on the storms (evil grin). I don’t think the wind will have a big role to play. The trails are fairly protected.”

you can Create Wellens (this season, good for five victories, including the Ardennenrit in the Ibm Tour, and more recently, fourth at the Grand prix of Montreal) is also itself a chance at the world title? “The weather plays in my favor. I have to win this kind of race, where the riders will be in the final, isolated, out of it. But then, I just have to hope for that great day when everything goes well. Or is it hard enough? From a distance, and the rain is going to be the superlastig it.”

Dylan Teuns: “I don’t fear it ‘

Dylan Teuns, and after the double Tour-Vuelta, not worry about a lack of freshness in the body. “I’m sure it is still fresh. I don’t fear the mileage. I have the Tour and the Vuelta, especially in the legs. I think that was me on Sunday but I would like to come,” he is so strong. “The course suits me as well. It’s a lively spot, with a bit of the Amstel Gold Race-course. It will have to squeeze it.”

Whatever role he’s after stage wins in the Critérium du Dauphiné and the Tour de France do not, that is, Teuns will not tell you. “But we are bound to have a strong team in the breadth of it, and I am very happy with it in order to make the Belgian world champion. Should have the ability to pretend that I was a word, then that would be great. But it’s unpredictable.”

for More about the uci road world Championships (the Management part Eekhoff is going to take legal action against the decision of the UCI, the Dutch furious after being disqualified Eekhoff: “it Is in the best interest of the sport of cycling?” Mathieu van der Poel: “Gilbert has the most Success, but it would be naive to think that, Evenepoel can’t win” POLL. Who will win the world championships? To go to the island.