Meyrem Almaci (43), the next five years, the president of Green. She pulled out of 53.2% of the vote in the general assembly, that the Saturday was held in Brussels, belgium. There were two rounds of voting are required. The flemish leader, Björn Rzoska (46) was the main opponent.

“We have an amazing party with a lot of talent, which it is difficult to choose. But we’re a team,” said Almaci at the end.

During the first round of voting took any of the candidates and their running mates, the requirement of one half plus one of the votes cast. In a second round of voting – which was supposed to be between the two top-scoring candidates from the first round, took a Almaci it is, therefore, relatively little of the Rzoska.

“Green flowers”

Almaci and thanked its members as well. “I would like to thank all of you for all of the questions you have asked. Continue to do the same thing. We will continue to tell you what it is, and not focus on what others have to say. We are also going to have some fun, because that is sorely needed. Green, flowers, green, grow, green, dares to tell her story. Green, not gray, and it will never be used again.”

if you Rzoska was a disappointment to hear of it. “Of course I’m disappointed,” he said. “On the other hand, I do not have a second vote as expected. Nearly half of the board members was able to find out what we have to advance event. Now, we are going to the same conclusion, however, we will continue to focus on the proposals by, for example, by the woordvoerdersrol to give up. All of the abilities of the party should be played out.”

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The three-kandidatenduo for the presidency of the Green Meyrem Almaci, and her Gent’s running mate-Now Neudt, Björn Rzoska, with the Famous city council member Rina Rabau, and the previously unknown Christopher jan Steyaert, chairman of the Green at Bruges, with his partner, Charlotte Storme. They were able to make their programs today and for the last time, will present in Brussels, and after one round they had to go to the meeting room at the exit of the approximately one thousand members of the Green and the candidates to discuss. After that, a debate followed with the vote. Almaci, received a total of 773 votes, accounting for 53,2 percent of the time.

little hope

In the elections of the 26th of may, the Green has improved, but not nearly as much as had been hoped for. Despite the disappointing outcome, wanted the outgoing chairman of the Almaci, who, five years ago, the torch, which took over from Wouter Van Besien, like to have a second term of office. Over the last few weeks, they carried out, and its Gent’s running mate-Now Neudt internal campaign. With the motto “Audacity and Hope,” she wants to take the party to “offer hope to those who are in need,” and “the guts to put ideas into policies”.

Björn Rzoska, wanted to take a different approach and style: Green (out of the image, one for the “happy few” to be. “Confidence will only be earned as well as we can, the serenity to keep”, he noted. Rzoska, from the city of Lokeren, in the Famous city council member Rina Rabau.

A third kandidatenduo was still well ahead of the deadline to meet. The unknown Race jan Steyaert, chairman of the Green spaces in Bruges, it is a candidate, along with his partner, Charlotte Storme. Their application seems to be a statement: they want the presidency abolished, and the Green to return to the basisdemocratie of charge.

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