Pennies… These little red and yellow coins that numb your wallets and are most often annoying, could ultimately save you big money.

If in one year, it was possible, just with these pennies, to fill his pot of 700 euros, perhaps the pennies would be better considered. However, this feat already achievable!

Thanks to the cents challenge, invented by the site How to save, setting aside such an amount is quite possible.

Here’s what you need to do to accomplish this feat:

Until you deposit €3.65 into your savings on the last day of the challenge… It’s mathematical. At the end of the year, the amount reached will be €667.5. What to save for a nice weekend with family or friends without even thinking about it.

To inflate your funds, it is quite possible to deposit all the small coins lying around in your wallet in addition to the piggy bank to reach the cockerel total of 700 euros. Not bad no, for pennies?

Besides, some of these stumbling coins alone can be worth much more than the number they indicate. Indeed, depending on their rarity, the year of production and the country, pennies are capable of reaching unexpected heights. Such as the Vatican two cent coins from 2004 which, individually, are worth 50 euros.

Something to make you want to make a collection… Or to start the challenge.