For several weeks, the question of the reshuffle has arisen. So, what does the President intend to do? Three scenarios are possible. Indeed, while rumors are whispering more or less loudly about the departure of Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, we still do not know if this is likely to happen. Moreover, she is not the only minister to be in the hot seat. With the approach of the July 14 deadline that the President had set for taking stock of the results of the 100 days of “appeasement”, here is the possibilities open to Emmanuel Macron.

Emmanuel Macron could very well choose not to reshuffle his government. Indeed, even if “a change of Prime Minister would make it possible to turn the page, at least in a symbolic way, of the difficult sequence of the pension reform embodied by Élisabeth Borne”, as explained to us by our colleagues from HuffPost, the reshuffle n is only one of the possibilities offered to the President of the Republic. The one who therefore faced the 17 motions of censure could therefore well keep her place within Matignon.

However, it is not because the Head of State takes the decision not to change Prime Minister that the other elected officials are guaranteed to keep their place within the French government. Indeed, some ministers are not to everyone’s taste. As a source tells us at HuffPost, “Take Pap Ndiaye, I like him a lot, but why didn’t we see him do a 20 Hours after the Lindsay affair? We don’t know what he thinks, what he said, nobody remembers anything. And on school harassment, we hear more Brigitte Macron than the Minister of Education! “. But, what are the other choices available to Emmanuel Macron?

A second possibility is offered to the Head of State. Indeed, Emmanuel Macron could very well make the decision to appoint a Prime Minister from the LR. A choice advised by former President Nicolas Sarkozy, according to our colleagues from the Express. “When France leans to the right, you have to appoint a right-wing prime minister,” he would have confided to Emmanuel Macron during an exchange at the Élysée on June 6. So, which Republican minister would he be likely to appoint? Several names often come to our ears, such as Gérald Darmanin, Gérard Larcher, Éric Ciotti, Xavier Bertrand, Jean Castex and Édouard Philippe. However, this scenario remains to be taken with tweezers, because even if it is probable, the latter could well upset the Macronist clan.

The third scenario available to Emmanuel Macron would be to bring back a popular former minister. Here again, several options are possible for the President, but it is above all two names that are whispered to each other the most. The first being that of Julien Denormandie, the former Minister of Agriculture and Food. And the second is none other than Richard Ferrand, the former president of the National Assembly. Here are the three choices that the President of the Republic could make. However, we will have to wait a little longer before knowing the decision that the Head of State will take.