Avian flu: the 10 products that could soon change recipe at the supermarket


A change of recipe… But no packaging. Faced with supply tensions on egg and poultry ingredients, caused by the avian flu epidemic, the State authorized the agri-food industry to modify the recipes of certain products without mentioning it immediately on their labels.

“The avian flu epidemic, which has been raging in France since November 2021, affects the supply of the food industry for the production of certain foodstuffs made from eggs or egg products, or ingredients from poultry” explained the DGCCRF in a press release this Monday, August 29, 2022.

Before adding: “Faced with this situation, a certain flexibility is allowed in the implementation of labeling requirements. The objective is to ensure the availability of foodstuffs on the market while preserving the information of the consumer”. Concretely, the manufacturers will be able to change their recipes without informing you for three months.

If the updated recipes will imperatively have to be validated by the repression of fraud before being offered on supermarket shelves, a sine qua non condition must be respected by the manufacturers.

Indeed, the mentions “without GMO”, “raised in the open air”, “origin France” or even “from organic farming” must absolutely be respected and, if they are not, the packaging must explicitly mention it. ‘indicate.

What products are likely to undergo a recipe change in your supermarket, restaurant or canteen? Check it out in our slideshow below.