A mad ascent. Tuesday, September 20, Stéphane, the current champion of 12 noon shots, managed to discover the identity of the celebrity hidden behind the mysterious Star. It was actress Leïla Bekhti, best known for her roles in Sheitan and All That Glitters on the big screen. Thanks to this discovery, the fifties won 37,839 euros in gifts, raising his total prize pool to 130,343 euros.

Midday master since August 20, the man from Eclaron (Haute-Marne) is a real fan of Jean-Luc Reichmann’s game. Indeed, this father admitted to Télé-Loisirs that he passed the selections ten times before finally being chosen as a candidate. “I knew I had a little general culture, and I’m a fan of TV games. I said to myself ‘why not me?'”, he confided to the weekly magazine.

Before Les 12 coups de midi, Stéphane participated in other game shows. He was a candidate in Everyone wants to take his place, Find the intruder and No one had thought about it, in duet with his wife Delphine. This is not the first time that he has participated in a game presented by Jean-Luc Reichmann. In 2014, the Haut-Marnais crossed paths with the host on the set of Au pied du mur on TF1.

During his participation, Stéphane did not hesitate to reveal his handicap to the public: he no longer sees with his right eye. “I contracted a virus from a very small cat. It gave me cat-scratch disease. It grafted onto my optic nerve, and I can no longer see out of my right eye. Small cats are not immune to fleas. When they scratch, they transmit flea disease.”

Last Saturday, Stéphane made a point of broadcasting a moving message on the air to celebrate the symbolic milestone of 30 consecutive participations in the 12 noon shots: “I have been in the foundry for 25 years. These are jobs that do not attract not too young because it’s dirty, it doesn’t pay much, you have to get up early, you have to be precise in what you do. So, it’s true that we had a hard time recruiting “, he admitted. The founder admitted having already won the equivalent of five years’ salary.

The next day, he confides in Jean-Luc Reichmann on what he intends to do with part of his winnings. He reveals that he wants to put a little aside for the studies of his two boys, currently aged 17 and 15: “It is the priority, because it is one of my dreams that they succeed in the life, not like me… That they don’t struggle getting up at 2 a.m. every day, like I struggled. I don’t want my children to have to go through that”.

This Wednesday, September 21, the midday master validated his 34th participation in a row in the TF1 game and now totals 138,900 euros in winnings.