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The 100 most valuable brands in the world have increased their value 5.9% in 2020 over the previous year to reach us $ 5 trillion (4,4 billion euros). This implies that these companies increased in 2020 its value in 277.000 million dollars (around 246.325 million euros) , despite the coronavirus, according to the list BrandZTM of the 100 brands with the highest value developed by Kantar and WPP this year 2020.

The most valuable companies “have proven to be more resilient and less volatile” in the crisis of the Covid-19 “than they were during the global economic crisis of 2008-2009.” However, the study points out that, before the pandemic, the total value of the most valuable brands was 9% higher than the current.

The american multinational Amazon remains one of the world’s most valuable brand for the second consecutive year with a growth of 32% to reach 415.900 million dollars (around 369.163 million euros), to 100,000 million dollars more than the previous year (near 88.806 million euros).

The e-commerce company appears s aegis Apple (2), with a growth of 14% over the previous year, and Microsoft (3), which retrieves the third position with a growth of 30% thanks to its ecosystem of work enabled in the cloud that has allowed her to work during the pandemic. Google (4), Visa (5), Alibaba (6), Tencent (7), Facebook (8), Mcdonald’s (9) and MasterCard (10), which enters for the first time among the top ten, rounded out the top 10.

For his part, Zara (57) and Movistar (80) continue to be the only Spanish brands present in the ranking . Both have reduced their brand value with regard to 2019, 6% in the case of Zara, reaching 21.286 million dollars (around 18.916 million euros) and 14% in the case of Movistar until the 16.658 million dollars (about 14.804 million euros).

technology brands continue to dominate the rankings and now represent more than a third (37%) of the value of brand in the Top 100.

The report highlights the entrance to the ranking of the social network Tik Tok (79) with a value of 16.900 million dollars (about 15.026 million euros).

By region, the americans represented more than half of the 100 most valuable brands, while the asian one-fourth, with 17 coming from China and two from Japan.

By sectors, the “retail” category is that more grows in 2020, with an increase of 21% driven by the main actors of electronic commerce.

in Addition, it highlights the category of media and entertainment, where more than half of the brands in this category are in the Top 20, including Netflix (26) , which has risen 8 positions and reaches a value of almost more than 46,000 million dollars (about 40.903 million euros).