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journalist Federico Arnas presented the last Saturday for the last time “Tended to Zero” , the program bullfighting of The 2 of TVE, which has managed since 2004, and in which he has worked since 1986, after leaving his post voluntarily and the guidelines of the employment agreement of the radio and television public.

This professional madrid, of 63 years, assured to Efe that, even so, is not dissociate of journalism, “that is like a priesthood. But it is clear that my departure is a substantial change, since I’ve been in ‘the house’ from may 77 , also by Radio Cadena Española and Radio Nacional”.

“it’s been 43 intense years, two-thirds of the history of public television. And that is all a privilege, to be able to combine passion and profession”, is reaffirmed.

“At the time of making balance sheet -continues to Arnas – I still have the pride of having learned d e great professionals and having narrated in first line all the milestones of the art of bullfighting among the straight end of the TWENTIETH century and the first years of the XXI”.

Federico Arnas, who began as an editor for the program “Bulls 2 ” working on images of cinema and has finished as director of “Tended to Zero” with the “tool” for digital, you can assess fully the evolution of the information taurine on television throughout those forty years, conditioned by the “fast-paced change in technology”.


“Yes, I have worked in all formats and techniques possible. And if it is true that we now have more immediacy and ease to develop the information, each time there is to manage the objectives with the greater budgetary adjustment. They have reduced the equipment, especially outdoors, and that has forced the editors to exercise functions that previously were spread out,” he explains.

in The same way, Arnas acknowledge that the information taurine “has been losing presence in the general media, paradoxically, to the time that we have been changing the journalists, now almost all graduates in journalism and with a broader vision, not only beat to the classic genre of the bulls, that is chronicle”.

“In these moments -adds the director of “Tended to Zero”- which we do information taurine we have a best professional concept, but at the expense of lowering the level of p rofundización in bullfighting. Everything is more lightweight with the advent of the internet and is highly conditioned by the social networks. There is an analysis reposado and the neo language bullfighting, very poor and inaccurate, it is the symptom unequivocal”.

all in all, the veteran journalist, he also feels “very satisfied” that during his management, has increased the weekly time dedicated to the bulls on TVE, through its program, “because we started with thirty minutes duration and we are now in the eighties. And also what I am that is issued to the 52 weeks of the year , not only in season, and stably in the date and time of the grill-Saturday at two least ten of the afternoon – since 2005″.

In contrast, Arnas leaves the address of the information taurine of public television with “the bad taste in the mouth” of the disappearance of streaming cumshots live, “they were a classic of the string”. And blamed this “deficit” to “circumstances beyond those who do the program, but on all the great political harassment that forced her to give explanations on the Monitoring Committee of the Congress for each celebration televised”.

Cumshots in open

“In that respect, it has lost ground difficult to regain. The bulls live have disappeared from television, with the exception of some autonomic, and has broken a tradition that made bullfighting look in the houses as a part of the landscape, not a rarity or an aberration, as intended by some with such bad faith as ignorance”, remacha journalist.

On the other hand, the hobbyist now has the ability to view the program of bullfighting to TVE in any time thanks to the section “A la carte” of your web page, a file “Tended to Zero” can be seen as an anthology of bullfighting for the last 35 years, “and in all its aspects, as -says his latest director – we have made always your cultural side and sought the balance of the message for the initiate and the spectator, understood.”

With the memory more sad of his career, as he was “narrating live the death of the banderillero Manolo Montoliu , in the fair of Seville in 1992, and to report to the tragedies of Paquirri, Yiyo, Victor Ward, and Ivan Fandiño , or the closing of the Monumental de Barcelona”, Arnas insists on the word “satisfaction” as a summary of his long career in TVE.

“That is the exact word, because along with these negative news I have also lived moments supergratificantes, with programs that I will always remember. Now I only have the penalty of not being able to cast normally during the months of the pandemic by the health protocols set up.”

After the farewell of Arnas in the issue of the sabbath, a special after interruption of the program in march, “Tended to Zero” will return in September, as many other content of TVE, with a new format and the rest of the experienced team, to continue to be the head most long-lived of the Spanish television, after other classics like “Weekly Report” and the “People of God”.