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The Government of Castile and León protected with aid to the farms of lydia because of it being a genetic heritage that is quite unique, as well as by the added value of the ecosystem (dehesa) in which is bred a kind zootechnical singular, has been announced by the president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco.

The situation of the bullfighting , hit as many other sectors by the pandemic, has been the object of discussion Wednesday during a meeting the president has held in Valladolid, with representatives of the field of bullfighting, among them livestock, slayers, guardians, and servants of the sword.

Aware that Castilla y León have in the bullfighting one of its signs of identity, Fernández Mañueco has guaranteed the support to the breeding and selection of fighting bull , but also to the cultural advancement of an art that generates wealth from its social dimension, tourist, environmental and employment.

With the celebration of more than 2.000 shows bullfighting each year, is the second autonomous community with the most farms of lydia and Salamanca province of Spain with the highest number of farms and animals, have informed sources in the regional administration through a note.

The aid to the farms will increase up to 7.000 € for exploitation after the modification of the european regulation, has announced Fernández Mañueco during a meeting that they have also assisted the directors of Development and Environment, Juan Carlos Suárez-Quiñones; of Economy and Finance, Carlos Fernández Carriedo; of Agriculture and Livestock, Jesus Julio Carnero; and Culture and Tourism, Javier Ortega.

The Board has also put at the disposal of the sector the centre of selection and animal breeding of Lion, to deposit and preserve the genetics of the different strains and encastes of the fighting bull that is bred in Castile and León.

Inside the section cultural activities , has been reported that there will be exhibitions and initiatives, which further promote the Party, energize the industry and help the students of schools to take steps in his professional career, according to the same sources.

The president has not forgotten the inclusion of new forms of entertainment; the reduction requirements of some of the already collected, especially in the small bags ; the simplification of administrative burdens; and the search for mechanisms to guarantee the holding of shows, by the limitation of delegated authority.

In terms of schools taurines , he explained that the Board works to ensure the increase of maximum age of enrollment and retention of students, in addition to enhance the celebration of practical classes out of schools with the same purpose.

Both parties, Government and industry, have agreed to continue working on a new meeting as chair the director of Development and Environment, Juan Carlos Suarez-Quinones.

on the other hand, the president has shown his willingness to help the sector to move the Government of Spain for their demands relating to the professional regulation and the tax regime, among others.

Have also seen this meeting the matadors Sunday in López-Chaves, Javier Castaño; farmers Fernando García Castillejo de Huebra) and Justo Hernandez (Garcigrande/Domingo Hernández); the entrepreneurs Luis Rodríguez, José Ignacio Cascón and July North; the guardian Julian War; and Luis Miguel Santos on behalf of the subordinates and servants of swords.