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Sea of Maeloc returns to the scene, as a great project that unites, through the work and empowerment of its main events, the two big yacht clubs gallegos: the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña and Real Club Náutico de Vigo. The joint offer really unparalleled, with ten days of cruising by one of the most beautiful shores of the old continent: Race Rías Altas (1974), Trophy Finisterre (1966) and Race Rías Baixas (1964).

The ports see of Mar of Maeloc 2020, are a splendid representation of the principal of the galician coast: Malpica, Sada, Cedeira, La Coruña, Vigo, Combarro and A Pobra do Caramiñal. Dates 30 July to 2 August from July, the “Rias Altas”, 7 and 8 of August the “Finisterre” and 12 to 15 of August the “Rías Baixas”.

will Be in the cases of the races by stages cited four days of competition, plus a preview of controls and inspections, and two in the race long that joins the north galician (a Coruña) with the south (Vigo) and a distance of 120 nautical miles, which was born with the goal of joining the “Rias”… this was the great novelty of 2019 after many years of Finisterre in the trunk of the memories.

it Is necessary to emphasize that Sea of Maeloc, is a project in which the sustainability of the marine environment is essential… in the development of the races has opted for the recycled material… the t-shirts that will be given out to the participants are made with cotton from essentially plastic bottles, rescued from the seas… the materials used from the stationery to the flags of the vessels have been manufactured with recyclable materials.

This year, as another contribution in favour of sustainability… for the manufacture of trophies has been used wood from wood of old pallets used in its stores by Maeloc, and the plates have been made with recycled aluminum from beverage containers recovered.

The two clubs that carry the organisational tasks, have decided to create the Big Trophy Sea Maeloc, which will reward the boat of the most competitive categories that achieved global victory, to mode Circuit of the three races.

A handcrafted cider press built to scale by artisans coruñeses, will be the piece that rewards the overall winner. This great trophy will be deposited in the Club of La Coruña until the next edition, if the winner out of a boat belonging to a club based to the north of cape Finisterre and Vigo, if it was one of the south of this historic promontory marine.