Autumn is coming! Officially, the season will start on September 23. But in terms of temperatures, it’s as if it was already there. In recent days, the mercury has dropped in France, and the mornings, like the evenings, are getting cooler and cooler. “This week is marked by significant temperature differences between morning and afternoon,” notes the Weather Channel.

However, the autumn freshness is counterbalanced, this week, by “a generous sun after the dissipation of the grayness in the morning”, continues the specialized site.

Above all, temperatures are expected to warm up by the end of the week. “From Thursday and the direction of the wind to the South-East, the atmosphere will warm up in the North. It will be hot again in the Aquitaine basin with nearly 30°C on Friday”, notes the meteorological service.

What to enjoy a little more of a last burst of summer, before the rain, the wind, the frost and… the polar cold. In our slideshow, discover the list of departments where the mercury will rise above 25°C – and up to 29°C – on Thursday.

After a summer marked by several heat waves and a record drought, what can we expect in terms of weather for the coming fall?

According to experts from the Weather Channel, the meteorological configuration for this fall is “more favorable than initially feared in terms of drought”, and precipitation should return to seasonal norms.

However, in October, the rains are likely to be rare, and a predominant anticyclone announces a “relatively cool” month.

For November, the Weather Channel predicts “temperatures globally within the norms, even a little below the order of -0.5°C, which constitutes a small difference. Even this winter, specifies the specialized site, risks being “colder than the previous one”.

France has therefore not finished being cold, after having been (very) hot.