Born in Indochina, Chantal Goya alias Chantal Deguerre flew to France when she was only four years old. After her studies, she decided to become an actress and subsequently made a few appearances in the cinema in the film Charade in 1963 alongside the famous actress Audrey Hepburn.

It was not until 1964 that Chantal Goya’s life took a radical turn when she met Jean-Jacques Debout, a music writer-composer who would become her husband for more than 50 years. The latter introduces him to a certain Daniel Filipacchi, the creator of Salut Les Copains, a bimonthly magazine for young people. Convinced of the talent of the young woman, he became her producer while Jean-Jacques Debout began to compose songs for her such as C’est bien Bernard le plus fortunate! and A scarf, a rose.

From 1975, Chantal Goya embarked with the help of the actor Roger Dumas in the adaptation on stage of shows for children around the theme of dreams, friendship and travel. These shows The Marvelous Planet and The Magic Forest are a real hit with young children.

From the 80s, Chantal Goya became an idol of young people thanks to her cult titles Bécassine, A rabbit, The doll or even Partir. For nearly 30 years, the singer performed throughout France, today holding the record for performances at the Palais des Congrès with more than 350 performances in front of more than a million spectators in total.

Chantal Goya experiences a crossing of the desert from the 2000s. She gradually returns to the front of the media scene by performing in a few Parisian nightclubs for thirtysomethings nostalgic for their childhood. After that, the star released many CD sets and other compilations for her fans.

In 2010, the interpreter of Bécassine goes back on stage to play the show The strange story of the haunted castle. To the delight of her now-adult fans, she returned to the stage in 2014 to perform her show La Planète Merveilleuse. “The parents are very moved because they rediscover their childhood. I knew them as children. They now come with their little ones, and that’s the greatest happiness,” she told our colleagues at AFP.

From October 2015 to January 2016, Chantal Goya reconnected with her audience at the Théâtre de Paris in the children’s show The Fantastic Adventures of Marie-Rose. “My retirement is to be on stage with three generations of audiences. Otherwise, it’s a torchlight procession! At 105, you will still see me”, she said in 2015 to our colleagues at Gala.

In 2019, Chantal Goya made her big comeback on stage in her new musical show Le soulier qui vole.

During an interview with our colleagues from Closer, the famous nursery rhyme singer Chantal Goya returned to her past romance with the son of a duchess. A romance that lasted two years as she had revealed. “

A youthful flirtation that lasted two years. I immediately told him: ‘It won’t go any further. It can’t be serious between us, because I don’t want to get married,” she explained and added: “In 1962, I left as an au pair in London. Gilles, who lived in Paris, was the son of a first marriage of Nicole de Bedford who was French. The Duke and Duchess lived at Woburn Abbey Castle. He said to me: ‘I’m going to come see you and introduce you to my parents'”. The star also remembered several evenings in his company, but not only! “There was a big dinner: the guests were Michael Caine, Terence Stamp and the Beatles […] Paul McCartney, George Harrison… They were all around me. I was the star of the evening when I was totally unknown”.

During an interview granted to our colleagues from La Provence, the singer Chantal Goya confided without taboo on vaccination. “I got vaccinated right away, I come from a family of doctors, how could I refuse? And if it takes four, five or six doses, I won’t hesitate. I’m very careful . (…) You have to be very vigilant. Look at what happened to the poor Bogdanoff brothers,” she explained.

The latter died suddenly six days apart following the Covid-19. A very “brutal” disappearance as confided by the ex-wife of Igor Bogdanoff, Amélie de Bourbon-Parme. “”They fell ill around December 15, even a little earlier. They arrived at the hospital and then we couldn’t believe it (…) “They were so linked that we couldn’t imagine them without each other”, she explained to BFM TV.

More recently, Chantal Goya gave her strong opinion on cosmetic surgery while claiming to have never been attracted by any operations. “Without lifting or Botox. If it’s to have tires instead of the mouth, no thank you!”, She confided on January 30, 2022 to the Journal du dimanche.

Guests on Faustine Bollaert’s show It starts today, Chantal Goya and her friend Michel Drucker spoke about their intimate life and in particular the financial difficulties of the singer.

“He knows it Michel, I went through very, very difficult times in my career. He was always there near me, I remember that he invited me … And he gave me courage , him and Yves Mourousi”, she declared and the host of Vivement dimanche added: “They had money worries, she and Jean-Jacques, they won a lot because they met a mad success and they lost as much, if not more. They were always chased, either by the taxes or from time to time Jean-Jacques because he has problems with his license”.

These are not the only revelations made on the set, this December 7, 2022. “I have rarely seen someone with as much taste as Jean-Jacques Debout. They had a house in Touraine, which was magnificent with incredible furniture. , which they sold because they were broke. Then they left”, he had declared on the husband of Chantal Goya and to affirm: “Jean-Jacques is a builder, he finds a house which has holes everywhere, which no longer has a roof, it makes an entire region work!”.