The “word of the year 2018” is a hot time. The the German language society announced on Friday in Wiesbaden. The word is not to focus on just a extreme the summer, had been felt from April to November. It is also one of the most serious global phenomena of the early 21st century. Century, climate change, informed the Jury. With the sound analogy to ice age the term get a epoch-making Dimension, and references to a possibly changing climate period.

In the second place, the Jury chose the word funk hole Republic. Especially on the country the mobile coverage in Germany is comparatively poor. The third place of the term anchor centers occupied. The first word of link “anchor” stand here, not for fixing or securing, as the anchor of a ship, but for the initial letters of “arrival, decision-making, Repatriation” of refugees and migrants.

The “words of the year” 2018 to 42. Times in a row. Traditionally, the members of the main Board and the scientific staff of the GfdS looking for the most commonly used expressions, but select those that characterize the end of the year in a special way. The first word of the year in 1977, the “scene”. Last year it was “Jamaican”, it referred to the Failure of the efforts to form a coalition of the CDU/CSU, FDP and the Greens.