Tomato sauce recall: the 10 supermarkets concerned


Do you like concocting dishes with tomato sauce, such as spaghetti Bolognese? For this you may have purchased those items that you should not consume. Indeed, batches of tomato sauce from the Panzani brand have been subject to a voluntary recall since Wednesday, September 14, 2022, according to Rappel Conso.

Why are they being recalled? A manufacturing defect or packaging anomalies that could lead to sealing and swelling problems. The heat seal may be faulty due to micro leaks. As a precautionary principle, the foodstuffs have been withdrawn from sale. “These products have been manufactured and/or stored under conditions that do not allow satisfactory health guarantees to be provided. These products are therefore likely to present a danger to the health of consumers”, adds the site about the recall.

So make sure you haven’t purchased the products affected by the recall. These are 200g “natural tomacouli” bricks sold in packs of three from the Panzani brand. They were marketed from 06/24/2022 to 09/13/2022. Here are the references to know to know if you have bought these foodstuffs to bring back to the supermarket:

These products are sold throughout France, at several distributors… To know them, Planet has produced the slideshow below which lists them. In addition, Rappel Conso indicates that it is possible to obtain a refund from these brands in exchange for the items concerned.