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– In the Hasselt court of first instance, it is Friday, two weeks after the referral is already in the process of the two plofkraken in June 2018 and, in Kinrooi, and If, which is ex-alderman of Lommel, belgium Anick Berghmans need to account for it. She is risking 4 years in prison and deprivation of rights for up to 7 years of age. In a barn at her home in stalden, the four perpetrators of a blue Audi, which is between the seat and the backrest of the rear seat and a stained banknote of fifty euros, put.

It was in the trunk of the car with a bag of Limburg.net the amount of 17.295 euros, with the ink-stained banknotes. Berghmans was present in the court. To the dismay of her defense, urging the court to receive treatment. The process had to start with the civil partijstellingen ING in Kinrooi and bpost are in Lommel, belgium. After that, the public prosecutor’s office for his formal indictment. On Friday, October 4 at 16 pm, the process is continued.

238.000 euro).

the Berghmans her innocence and cry out. The public prosecutor’s office deems necessary to aid it has granted for the plofkraak on the 21st of June in Lommel, belgium, where it is almost 238.000 euros has been seized. It was supposed to be her barn, have available and where in advance, an Audi, was parked before and after the event. As she was about this and will be contacted by P. H. from the Eastern part of Flanders, Zele, belgium.

On June 25, 2018, were probably the two people with her in the shed to get the car to take away. The public prosecutor’s office stated that they are using ammonia to thoroughly trace wanted to be clear. Two of the coaches of ammonia were in the shed, found. When the police are at her gate, stood, and gave Bergmans, a limited consent to the search of the grounds and the barn. She asked me after the politiebezoek P. H. what they should do, and what’s going on with the car at first.

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“He sent her a text to all the text and delete it. Mrs. Berghmans, any ships, please note, that wiped out the whole of its iPhone, the I, the sim card is in the toilet, and resette of the device. A very strange attitude to her. Her explanation for this is that they have in the past already had problems with the police. They are claimed to do is to know about it. She was asleep, so to speak, but it was incredible. That port will need to be that particular night, repeatedly opening and closing process. At about 1 pm, the culprits are already on the voorverkenning have been,” according to the public prosecutor’s office.

Raincoat with fluostrepen.

The attorney was not nice, in his application for the P. of H., and of the three, 51, 56, and 30 years of age. He had asked for a prison sentence of from 12 years of age. These men were among the more metal-pizzaschuiven was found with explosive-filled, from the danger of Cobra fireworks. The police was also regenpakken with fluostrepen and bivakmutsen. The three had a criminal record, built up with, among others, convictions for plofkraken. P. H. is risking more than 17 years in prison.

“We need people urgently to halt. It is up to them to make it a pure geldgewin to do so. We should be lucky that there were no victims. The top of ING in Kinrooi, there was an occupied apartment. You may not realize the impact that they have, and what are the politics of fear, they are causing the residents in the border areas”, said the prosecutor’s office.

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