Faced with the explosion of energy prices, the French are using different strategies. To save money, some choose the peak hours off-peak (HP/HC) option, offered by some suppliers. This type of contract – favorable according to Enedis to families heated with electricity living in more than 80m2 and having a hot water tank – allows you to benefit from a preferential kWh rate at specific time slots of the day. To find out the schedules for peak hours (which last 16 hours) and off-peak hours (period of 8 hours), refer to the first page of your bill.

The off-peak hours are distributed over the times of the day when electricity consumption is the lowest. Either, often at night, between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. If these times may vary from one household to another, do they change with the installation of a Linky meter?

Did you already have an HP/HC contract before installing the new Linky smart meter? Your off-peak hours are then not modified. However, if you opted for this offer after installing the green box, Enedis assigns you new beaches, randomly. The same applies when it comes to putting into service in a new dwelling or following a move.

To find out your new off-peak time slots, you can contact your electricity supplier or consult your bill.

There are also special Linky offers, which make it possible to extend the ranges of off-peak hours at a reduced rate or to accentuate the price reduction.