The automotive supplier Continental will degrade at the site in Karben in the Wetterau region in the next five years, around 90. At the same time the company relocated, but also work there. The front sees the so-called the future offensive, the company reported. The objective is to strengthen the international competitiveness. “It has agreed with the works Council and the parties to the collective agreement on a key issues paper”, – stated in the message. The plant currently has 760 employees.

Thorsten Winter

business editor of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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Thus, Continental wants to put it in his plant for hose lines in the next few years, 14 million Euro. The money will be invested in new machinery and equipment. “In addition, more Central – and the organization is shifting functions to the headquarters of the division for hose lines to Karben”, let the company know. The location should be the requirements of the increasingly automated and networked production systems.


The jobs to be shed at the Continental blocks. 88 Posts are to be filled shall be deleted in 2023, gradually, as it is said, largely by Vacancies after the Retirement. 50 Points to go on a voluntary Basis. The speech is a socially acceptable removal.

In return, to secure Continental’s, too young for the site, but in comparison to the reduction to a significantly lesser extent: 20 apprentices and skilled workers from the dual courses of study intended to take the location. And in addition to the previous occupations, the plant will form in the future, increasingly also in more demanding Occupations such as mechatronics.

in 2014, had presented the company to a location securing the contract for the adjacent Automotive plant. This Agreement with the IG Metall was, among other things, to work longer hours without wage compensation.