After the early 1-0 by Aleksandar Boljevic seemed to be a required track is in the works, but the Standard is there for a stiff, If still you have to fight. At the end of Abdoulie swiss re ag it was only in extra time by a lucky goal from Boljevic be deleted.

Compared to the competition, in Leuven, brought to coach Gislason, six of the players on the kick-off. The emerging Khammas for Cauwenberg on the left, Schoonbaert (thanks to Club Brugge has played his maidenmatch to the position of central defender Siekman. Ippel, Thordarson, Cerigioni and Vermijl have been repaid in full by the Bitsindou, Vachiberadze, Mukjakic and swiss re ag.

you can played the Standard with the typeploeg. Lestienne, Vanheusden, Bastien, and Gavory, started on the bench, but the valves, if Mpoku, Carcela, and Emond were a piece of the team. However, the first warning of the site’s visitors. Santermans was a vrijschop well in the direction of Mujakic, which is far too soft on the Bodart gave a small nod.

Preudhomme rotated posteriorly, not too much in the Croky Cup. Photo: BELGA

Liège-the opportunities.

a Standard lap and then woke up. If the players feel the warning of Michel Preud’homme in the heart of namur. The people of liège were last season in the cup and is turned off by the tiny church and a recurrence of them, it was essential to the result. Preud’homme announced his team for the match would be to prepare as if it is at Charleroi, or of the Arsenal it was. Chances soon followed, whilst the pace is very, very low.

Amallah was Boljevic, the Montenegrijn decided to Svedkauskas. At the next corner, reacting to the Lithuanian goalkeeper is also of note is an attempt to Bokadi.

in less than three minutes later, it sent out Carcela Boljevic in the room. Svedkauskas was openingsdoelpunt was still in a handsome way, but it was on a quarter of an hour looking at the latest effort from Boljevic. Vojvoda put up a good front and he had yet to tap: 1-0.

No number

The match seemed to be played out. If it was not in a position to get the Rouches are difficult to make. The empty Sclessin – a little more than a quarter full – so inspired now, not a real one. The result was that a lot of practice. The Standard also kept the foot on the gas pedal, and If I kept on the side go camping. Five minutes rest hurried Boljevic have a look at it in the middle. His swing whizzed over it.

the man of The match. Photo: BELGA

there is nothing wrong with the Standard, while the visitors will have the impression that there was not a lot of effort in the party to want to stick. But football – and especially bekervoetbal – is a fool’s game. The first one to escape If even at 2-0, when Carcela-to-soft decided to, after what happened, no one at that time thought: in the 1-to-1 came from. Henkens and played the ball through the legs of the Vojvoda, and there was swiss re ag found only on the final pass Bodart to shoot. We were in a race.


It took a while for that to seep in to the home. Standard forgot, soon to be a football player, and If so the match will be available as an option. By re-swiss re ag, and threatened the team’s coach, Stefan Gislason and again. Indeed, in the second-to-last-in-1B, which was only three times and had scored in seven matches, put the match organisers in 1A, it’s the fire under your ass. As the irritation grew, in Liège, belgium. Lestienne forced by the bank to be screened at the spluttering engine to get it to work.

with a Sour If, however, the Rouches unfortunately, even with extensions. The way it was, maybe even more, because of the 2-1 of the Standard, as did the time and was very lucky. Boljevic, and saw a man through the post, and Svedkauskas in the objective space. A harsh judgement, for the Northern People. The Standard, in turn, must be at airport and Esperance are really from a different keg taps.

So close to a very dangerous place. Photo: BELGA
Video: TV Limburg.