resim 34
resim 34

On February 21, 2023, a new season of Koh-Lanta called “The Sacred Fire” made its big comeback on TF1. For this new edition, the production has decided to bet on several new features that should delight viewers.

“Rarely have adventurers played so much with the rules we gave them. There was no awkwardness, with everyone having different interpretations and justifications. cult host Denis Brogniart and to add: “We were sometimes totally unable to know what was going to happen at the council a few minutes before the vote. This uncertainty will further increase the interest of this season”.

A new season that promises in which Denis Brogniart will once again hold the role of master of ceremonies during the various tests and advice. A role that this father knows inside out. It must be said that he has hosted the famous adventure game since 2002, succeeding Hubert Auriol.

Who says Koh-Lanta, says adventure game on a desert island with its stifling temperatures. Strong heat that the host Denis Brogniart must also undergo. In order not to sweat profusely and have halos under his arms, he developed a strategy which agreed to be revealed on the QG show in March 2021.

The animator who sweats very little uses patches to avoid halos. “Under my shirt, I put on a T-shirt that absorbs perspiration a little. I put anti-perspiration patches under my arms (…) I sweat quite a bit (…) and in the hour or hour and a half before a shoot, I drink very little,” he said. In another interview, he said that in his early days, he even used sanitary napkins. “For the record, at the start, it was sanitary napkins that we stuck on, and then we progressed,” he told Brut.