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“When they went by the arenas D. Luis Mazzantini, the Algabeño, Antonio Fuentes, Montes, Manchaquito and Vicente Pastor, among others lidiadores facing bulls of respect and power, between the hardness of a bullfighter predominantly dry and tough, appeared grace flagship Rafael , who refused to catalogues and exceeded the constraints of the schools. Their lot is not included in definable: or their performances within the regular: it was impossible to pigeonhole in net grids panache flashing or subject predictions the unique posturing of value or the concluded eclipses of the same. So genuinely unique was Rafael el Gallo who walked alone and was of incredibility imitation. To the side of the large couple of stars of the first magnitude, of Joselito and Belmonte, Rafael saw his career diverse between the poles of cries hyperbolic and disaster noisy . There we stood in the brightness more radiant because he knew aureolarse of brilliance splendor, before which they yielded joselitistas and belmontistas” .

Well summed up in 1957 Selipe the personality of a bullfighter unique and with a history full of anecdotes , since that time you confused with a chinese the day they took a taxi in Madrid with the strike of a counter and planted them in Paris. Or the definition of your lozano bunion by Wenceslao Fernández Flores while attending to the ritual of dressing up as lights in the Palace.

Without fear of the currency

Also in Madrid, is reminiscent of one of the more delightful anecdotes on the eve of the miurada June 5, 1910 , as stated by Don Ventura “Facts and such”. “¡ Gee, Rafael , do thou here? Because if it is ensured that not coming to town,” commented one of his supporters when he saw him appear in the company of a well-known cafe. “Why?”, replied The Rooster. “For the miuras that are locked up in the pens,” replied the advocate, knowing that in the bull pen waiting for a serious cumshot . The so-called “Divine Bald” threw then of genius and responded this way: “And what does that matter? To me is not give me fear the foreign exchange. The bull rushes by right-toreo to my taste, and if I gore torcío, I will not stop to ask what the farmer is pa juí…”

Precisely to a miura black legend referred to in 1959: “That shaving is according to the custom of the bullfighters. Now, they want to implement new standards, the toreros have to lose the habit of bullfighting bulls shaven. But they are just as dangerous or perhaps more . What do you say of those four toes that he wore on his under the bull “Islero” , which, however, killed Manolete ? It is a mistake to believe that the bulls have more force in terms of sharp have the horns. For example, what good is it to you a knife very long if you do not have the strength to clavarla in fight? In contrast, a razor half of that which you have in your hand, run by a man who knows how to move it forward, it reaches the heart. It is a question of strength. And the fans many times you are wrong to believe that the bulls are larger the greater force “.


So picturesque were his career and his anecdotes as his own birth. Only up for that, as it came into the world to the twelve of the night of the what 17? Do 18? of July, 1882 and not all agree on his date of birth. He saw the light in the street of the Clay, the current Madrazo, so circumstantial, because his family lived in Seville. But his father, Fernando el Gallo , it was advertised in the credit of Madrid, next to Lizard and Frascuelo, and at that time “the bullfighters hired could not travel to the provinces without the prior authorization of the company”. Precisely, the then entrepreneur of Madrid, Rafael Menéndez de Vega , was the godfather of his baptism, in the parish of San Sebastian.

“The day that Rafael Gallo not pass by the street of Tetuan, you will not see in Seville no matador. You will be able to have news by the posters of that in Seville there are still matadors, but they will not be, as would not be Seville from the train in the distance, if it sank the Giralda”, wrote Corrochano. Rafael el Gallo, a bullfighter unique, the bullfighter who has made millions but failed to become rich.

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