Time-out with Isabelle powder Trapped on the balcony extreme cyclist Isabelle powder (49) trained and trained for hours, all night long, and came two months but not right on the spot.Philipp Rindlisbacher0 comment, finally, exits are possible: Isabelle Pulver is preparing for two 24-hour race.Photo: Raphael Moser

“If this results in a lot of Training sense? This is a question I have never. Clearly, I must expect that it will be 2020 in ultra-Cycling is not a single event. But the more I get into it, the harder my day is. There is only one: more make. With Conviction! Doubt not are in there, otherwise, I keep my workload mentally.

are Planned in August and in October two 24-hours races in Denmark and in Borrego Springs. In the California desert it can be over 40 degrees hot, in the night, but really cold. Two weeks ago, I trained for ten hours, I started only 22 hours after an intense working day – the aim was to simulate the Drive in case of big tiredness.

It’s nice, I can train outside again. In March and April, I always drove home in Ittigen on the balcony. Although this is only a few square metres in size, but for the role has plenty of space. While driving I looked to crime fiction or Thriller, I needed a little bit of tension, after six, seven hours not to fall asleep. Thanks to the Tacx App I had to struggle haphazardly away: I invited a certain distance profiles high, about the course of Borrego Springs, could leave the exact Route. On pre-made routes it was even possible to compete with other athletes in real-time.

“Many patients had huge anxiety and effort to come to terms with the Situation. After two-three times a cough, you were already by the doctor check you over.”

Isabelle powder

to ride On the road, was not an Option. It would have been irresponsible to take the risk – in case of an accident, I would have charged the heavily stressed health care unnecessarily. Others were not so, in the ultra Cycling scene is the was not good. In social media, we headed for home training strongly, via the App, we drove virtually to each other, even competitors from the USA were there. Because of the time difference, this training took place at 3 in the morning. Fortunately, the neighbors are not values.

The search for sponsors in the ultra-Cycling is complicated, due to the Coronavirus, it has become more difficult again. The sport is telegenic, who finds it exciting, something hours to view? Fortunately, my Partner of many years, are not bailed out.

Where don’t I deserve a Pro am and my money as a physical therapist. In the Foundation Rossfeld in Bern, I work with physically disabled people, about 80 percent are Corona-risk patients. A lot of people had a huge fear and effort to come to terms with the Situation. After two-three times a cough, you were already checked by a doctor. The time has calmed down the situation. And I am grateful, has no one attached.”

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