Coronavirus-A Survey, Part 5 – Border Controls? More Cyclists? What of the crisis and aims to balance sheet remain to the end of the Corona-crisis: We asked – are the answers of our readers.Philippe Zweifel14 Kommentare14Wie will shape Corona in the longer term, the company? The answers you will find below.Mounting: Tamedia

swimming pools and Discos have opened, mountain paths run to a schedule, the garden party is allowed to rise, and cultural events are possible: The Federal Council has eased in recent days and weeks, surprisingly fast Corona-measures. Do you agree? And how Corona will dominate in the longer term, the company?

we wanted to with the fifth and final Corona-reader survey that we have created with the Gottlieb-Duttweiler-Institute, in experience bring. A total of more than 5000 readers have attended readers to the non-representative survey. Thank You!

the epidemic Is over in Switzerland? I think the loosening you Are in for a mouth guard mandatory in public places such as public TRANSPORT, museums, shops, etc.? What do you hope remains after the Corona-crisis? What global impact will the Corona-crisis? Comment to comment