Hamburg – Bus is a crash in the train station, and remains depend Hamburg, drove an articulated bus in a train station and the escalators came to a standstill.chkZwei injured in A Bus crash in Hamburg in a station building. (13. May 2020)Keystone/Daniel BockwoldtDer Bus missed on the journey of a passer-by just.Keystone/Focke-strand manndie the cause of the accident is not yet clear.Keystone/Focke-strand manndie firefighters tried to salvage the Bus, without even more damage to the building to inflict.Keystone/Daniel BockwoldtDer Bus was at the time of the accident was empty.Keystone/Daniel BockwoldtAn Bus and building damage considerable damage to property.Keystone/Daniel Bockwoldt1 / 6

In Hamburg, there was a spectacular accident: A articulated bus fleet in the glass facade of the Bergedorf station, as German media reports. He came up with the front axle via an escalator to a halt. The Bus was at the time of the accident was empty.

The Bus is missed, according to the fire a passer-by just. He was injured by flying glass splinters easily. The bus driver was treated for minor injuries.

A spokeswoman for the Hamburg transport authority could for the cause of the accident is still no information. The Bus has been salvaged, the building is locked.

at The time of the accident and no passengers were in the Bus.Video: Tamedia