The Belgian Tornados have a beautiful bronze, caught in the 4x400m relay, the final event of the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in athletics, in the Qatari capital of Doha. Kevin Borlée has guided the Tornadoes to the face of the medal after much work by his team mates Sacoor, Van den Bemden, and his brother, Dylan. The gold was for the united states, the silver medal went to Sweden. The Belgian quartet was 2’58”78. They did so less than 20 cents on top of the Belgian record, is a veritable tour de force, taking into account the absence of Jonathan Borlée.

for The third time in the qualifications required to advance the dreams of any coin, but with the knowledge that some of the teams with a delicate, stronger in four at the start of the final, were forced to the Belgian quartet to a sense of realism.

Sacoor as a bottle opener.

Jonathan Sacoor as a bottle opener, chose to coach Jacques Borlée, it is clear for a rapid start-up. Robin Van den Bemden, Dylan Borlée, Kevin Borlée, were allowed to continue the job. The world champion among the juniors took to get a good start and helped Robin Van den Bemden, as the first, the second, a full baanronde on it. Van den Bemden, kept a good balance and gave the rod to Dylan Borlée. If we were to dream of winning a medal? Dylan Borlée, but I do not, and even ran another way, the first of his pursuers, Colombia, and Trinidad and Tobago.

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Kevin Borlée was third on the final lap to begin. And medailleplaats he would not give up. Columbia seemed to be even closer, but in the home straight, came to the competitiebeest in Kevin Borlée, and back up again. The experience slotloper ran is superior to the third, and gave our country a second medal, after the silver medal of the Nafi Thiam.

Best medal:

“This is, of course, is the most beautiful medal which is a medal of perseverance”, says Jacques Borlée, estafettecoach. Jonathan, Sacoor, Robin Vanderbemden, Jacques Borlée, “But I can think of more, I dream more. I am convinced that the Olympic Games are by the Tokyo 2020 with an even higher target. And I thought, ” now that we are a silver were able to deal with it.”

this is the coin of the frustration, due to the continuing problems with the federation, so that, even in this world cup, in the first instance, not everybody should have the right to take who he wanted to be with me? Jacues Borlée don’t want to throw gas on the fire. “No, it’s not a medal for bravery, the frustration, that there is one virtue is doing it.”

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