Announcements straight from the other side of the Atlantic. This Saturday, December 3, 2022, Emmanuel Macron granted an exclusive interview to our colleagues from TF1 and LCI. On the last day of his state visit to the United States, the President of the Republic spoke with Marie Chantrait, special correspondent, live from New Orleans. Together, they tackled several thorny subjects such as pension reform, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, inflation and tensions on the electricity network.

Asked about this state trip, Emmanuel Macron welcomed a “success” which met all of his expectations. He notably assured that he had put “the feet in the dish” with Joe Biden, whom he considers a “friend”, about the green industry. “Europe must once again become an important element of American political life and its decisions”, then hammered the president. And this, within the framework of a strong plan of 370 billion dollars of subsidies for the industry green.

At the microphone of Marie Chantrait, the Head of State revealed that he had requested exemptions for French products for a more balanced competition. “We (Editor’s note: Europe), we must go faster and reinvest more, in Europe (…) we must make a lot more hydrogen in our country”, concluded the president.

But the green industry is not the only subject put on the table by Emmanuel Macron. In our slideshow below, discover the five takeaways from this interview.