Christmas tradition in England: The Boxing Day in the Premier League


    because Of a merry Christmas! Neither coach Jürgen Klopp with League leaders Liverpool, the German professionals Leroy Sané and Ilkay Gundogan of defending Champions Manchester City can rest in England on Christmas day. Because in the Premier League will be played on the second holiday traditionally football. The most important questions and answers on Boxing Day.

    Why is it called Boxing Day?

    With boxes that has nothing to do with it. Boxing is the English word for Wrap up. The term Boxing Day originated in the 19th century. Century to the times of Queen Victoria. At that time it was usual that the more population tied up Christmas packages to give to poorer people and employees. Staff at the 26. December and received on this day of your gentlemen your Christmas package, which they then took home to their families.

    Why is played in England on Boxing Day?

    Already at the end of the 19th century. Century rolled on, the island of the Ball at Christmas. Until the 1950s, was born on Christmas Day, on Christmas day, a full round played. The current second-division club Brentford FC at the time, the sexist slogan advertised: “men go to the game, while the women cook in the kitchen.” Because after the visit to the stadium, there was a meal. For logistical reasons, the was abolished, however. Because employees in the public transport on 25. December got, drove busses and trains. So you dodged on the second holiday since 1966 and is regularly played.

    What German players and coaches from the Boxing Day?

    “you must,” said the German Chelsea defender Antonio Rüdiger once in an Interview with the German press Agency. A year ago, however, there were even thoughts of games, even Christmas eve is a game. Liverpool-Coach Jürgen Klopp protested: “I just can’t imagine that someone wants to look at this evening football game.” It saw the League, and decided against it.

    Who’s playing this year on Boxing Day?

    The 19th century. Round is divided into different tranches. The kick-off of Fulham FC and Wolverhampton Wanderers (13.30). Then the biggest package as follows: FC Liverpool welcomes Newcastle United (16 hours). Manchester City occurs at the same time, Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur welcomes AFC Bournemouth. Record Champions Manchester United have Huddersfield Town. The FC Chelsea is playing later in the evening (20.30) at Watford FC, while Arsenal FC will compete in the evening program at Brighton & Hove Albion (18.15). The match between FC Southampton and West Ham United is only at 27. December held.

    How is the sporting situation?

    top Liverpool FC and title holders Man City want to assign in the remote duel with no Christmas gifts. The Reds are ahead after the 2:0 in Wolverhampton, four points and want to use their current position of dominance before the fight with the Citizens on 3. January fix. City has right to the 2:3 home defeat against Crystal Palace.