Help for the needy – the unemployed money for Sans-PapiersDie Geneva government to support the unemployed, the Sans-Papiers, for two months, financially. The an emergency measure, is controversial.Philippe Rich Genf72 Kommentare72Sans-paper hits the Corona-crisis: The Canton of Geneva wants to pay off victims of the now a unemployed money.Photo: Tamedia

the Image of the UN and the Bank, the city of Geneva has received during the Corona-crisis deep scratches. Journalists from all over the world have reported on the now 3000 needy, the Saturday to Saturday in front of the football stadium Les Vernets for a free food package in a queue. “The images have shocked me,” said the Council of state, Thierry Apothéloz (SP) in an Interview with the Swiss television RTS.

The Geneva government responded on Monday to the plight. She presented an emergency law for the elderly, in order to compensate persons between the age of 17. March and the 16. May have lost their job, and neither unemployment benefits nor social assistance can refer to. The law thus serves, in the first line of the Sans-Papiers. The compensation will be paid only Once, is intended to cover 80 percent of your last income, and for the duration of two months. A further precondition is that the applicant stop for a year in Geneva, and for at least three months before the outbreak of the Corona-crisis employment have exercised. The Geneva government, writes: “The one-time help to protect the of the poverty-affected population prior to a deterioration of their economic and social situation.” The law now goes to the cantonal Parliament for immediate discussion.

centres for Sans-Papiers, the emergency law for the elderly welcome, but have in mind that there are for a rapid and successful implementation to many hurdles. Marianne hall of the Geneva Advisory centre Centre de Contact Suisses-Immigrés says: “It will be very difficult, working and wage evidence, as there is in this type of employment relationship, little or nothing is Written.” Also, applicants would not need to have the security that the judicial system is going against you. In addition, be open, whether you would also need to include the name of their employer, which would deny most of the so hall.

the Council of state, Mauro Poggia (MCG) said on Monday in the Swiss daily show, he is the fundamental question of whether the state behavior for the failure of “unscrupulous employers” just had to stand; however, no one is allowed in the Canton of Geneva suffering from Hunger.

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