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Between two waters you navigate the “union disunited” in the world of the bull, expression of a mythical house livestock. The initiative televise celebrations without spectators for maintaining the activity taurine and deal with the devastating effects of the Covid-19 has sparked controversy. Division of opinions by the bulls in silence. On one side, the defenders of the essences and the three essential elements to a full spectacle of bravery, art and passion: bull, bullfighter, and public. Otherwise, those who know that a run on the “traditional” it is impossible with the drastic measures by the pandemic, but they considered necessary a thought more open-ended to keep lit the torch of the Party and support the project. Opens the gate of the reflections of professionals and amateurs:


Matador de toros

“I Want to make clear that in any project that you are working to provide for a bullfight as such, since the component is missing from the public. It is a matter of inventing a show suitable to the circumstances, which allow to bring the bull to the amateur, to keep alive the illusion and not leave to spend a year in white for the channel Bulls or to all the professionals who are nourished by the bullfighting. I am absolutely a supporter of it, although I suppose an effort and a sacrifice, since logically the bullfighters we feed the public. Respect all positions, but I would like all reflexionásemos for the good and for the future of the art of bullfighting”.


Matador de toros

“It’s a sensitive topic that generates controversy. For the front I want to say that, if I had to work for that bullfighting is not lost, there would be. Now we must have patience. I would feel strange dress of lights in a square without an audience, an essential part of a run. Even when I have proposed to kill a bull behind closed doors in a place I said no, as if profanase a temple. You can put things in the field, dressed in calzonas, a tentadero, the conversation with a rancher, pretty things for the channel and its subscribers. I hope that we don’t have to get to that point of the festival without public and the measures of desescalada will remain viable, because of the 9 square feet per viewer is a nonsense. This Government is giving a lot of answers that seem to have been taken from a sketch of The Morancos”.


President of the Foundation of the ‘Toro de Lidia’

“As the president of the Foundation, I am available to what is decided from the unit. I am a fan of the openness of mind, of doing something. As a farmer, clear that it would tackle my bulls, I have 20 cinqueños and since October all are expenses and no income. The tele is a great help to the fairs, though I’ve always been more a supporter of the relays open. Spanish television should pay more attention to a cultural event as it is the bullfighting”.


President of Anoet and entrepreneur of Madrid

“the death of The bull has to be ritualized, and that ritualizes the death is the popular fervour. The public is an actor indispensable to the drama of the Feast; without him, we draw closer to a slaughterhouse than to the grandeur of the scenery of the Party.”


Matador de toros

“a great supporter I am not, because bullfighting is a spectacle of the masses, feeling, emotion… But it is necessary to give a twist to this tournament is to keep listening to. Always that the show is worthy, with the maximum respect for the bull and with quality in what you do, I’ll be there to support the Party.”



“This is a hell for all and a dramatic crisis for the sector taurine, so you have to try to reinvent itself, to adapt to the circumstances. Has a risk, but there is that open mind. I prefer to deal with the bulls and see what they have inside before sending them to the slaughterhouse. It is a way of not losing contact with the viewer, in addition to help save a thematic channel. Much more wrong would be a season without anything. I think that it is important that the matadors put their grain of sand, even it takes the effort of the viewer, as it is another way to see bulls. The new measures open the possibility that, as time goes by, you have an audience, even if it is reduced. We must be generous to keep bullfighting alive.”


Matador de toros

“I’m a supporter. It’s cold, but more hard is to pass the year without a fight. If you see that the people have the desire of bulls, and if you put yourself in the shoes of the television, shot to the front. I advocate one hundred percent of the tele, which to me has given me so much. It will be a sight more decaffeinated without an audience, but we are in an abnormal situation. I’d love to channel Bulls joining the regional to see people who can not by other means due to disease or economy.”



“The season should not be blurred completely. If a candle is extinguished, it is difficult to turn it back on after. The dressing of the lights in an empty square I don’t see it at all. We must also assess what bullfighters and what farms: it is not the same to see the Real Madrid at Almeria, with all my respects. We are not supporters of a lot of television, but we understand that that does not come, does not exist. If there are to collaborate and call on me to deal with, I think, why not. And economically to a farmer will be more cost-effective than the 500 euros that they paid in the slaughterhouse”.


Matador de toros

“in this tournament I see with the public, a fundamental part. Without him, I would have no interest. But we are in an emergency situation and, if they can do things to mitigated, I’m going to the front. Is my soul when I see how to send bulls to the slaughterhouse. Take the cameras to the field could be interesting, although not to impersonate to a bullfight. There’s that spin to keep us alive.”


managing Director of the Center Bull of the CAM

“It’s an idea that I don’t see a viable, or even so exceptional, but I could be wrong. In this show, you need to the public. One would have to analyze the side effects of celebrated shows as well”.


Entrepreneur of Cordoba and Santander

“It’s a sensitive subject, but we should not spend a year in white, disconnected from the hobby. Keep the flame and you can be positive that connection of the fan with the bulls through the television. But, above all, it is time to restructure the Party, by keeping the essence”.


Matador de toros

“Is complicated and should be a subject of union all, because if not, it will be difficult to put in order. The circumstances of each are different. If I say that I have to fight for my profession is not to come down, shot to the front. If you cannot be and expect to normalcy, as equal”.


a Businessman from Bilbao and San Sebastian

“I’m against it. This is a show totally democratic, in which the influence of the public is critical, and makes this world be seen as an art”.


Matador de toros

“In other circumstances, if I call him, sure that torearía, but mine is a recurrence. I was on the verge of losing the life the last San Fermin and I think my back should be another way, although I do not say loud and clear “no”. The cumshot is a magical fusion of bull, bullfighter, and public, but we must adapt to the times and look for the good general.”


President Picks and Banderilleros

“we do Not have a definite position. If the matador is going to bullfighting, we can not deny. It is normal that you take your crew, to his two picks and his three banderilleros. Something relieve, but I don’t think that save a lot.”


Director of “Stretched Zero” in TVE

“Now that is of extreme need the verb “reinvent themselves”, there is no appeal to the purismos. If this serves to save a channel, the only income atypical important, it seems to me positive. This is an exceptional situation in a moment, momentary. Between fright and death, I choose to scare. Get close with purismos is counterproductive. Precisely, the most opposed are those who have benefited most via fees. The that appeals to a rite of purity that they do it at all. You must take into account the audience to which it is addressed, a fan of a very specific that means the keys of this context.”


President of the Association of The Bull

“The runs are composed of three essential elements: a bull, a matador and the public, so that closed-door in my association we don’t see it. We would like to listen also to the suggestions of the amateur.”


Subscriber taurine

“I’m a supporter, better that than the slaughterhouse. I prefer that the bulls deal and see what they have inside, but without trophies or making a lot of fuss, doing it in a didactic manner. You can’t call bull, because the main thing is to the public. It is a sham”.