Bart Verhaeghe and Vincent Mannaert, respectively, the chairman and chief executive officer of CLub Brugge, are answered in the file of Clean Hands. That is, our editorial team will be confirmed.

that The two senior executives of Club Brugge have been questioned by the judicial police of Hasselt. The two would be asked to explain on the invoices that have been paid to a real estate agent and spijtoptant Dejan Veljkovic.

Vjelkovic coached two seasons ago, Mats Rits, Karlo Letica, and Ivan Tomecak for Club Brugge. The Serbian football agent, was the central figure in the great voetbalschandaal “Clean Hands,” but signed a deal with the federal public prosecutor’s office for a role as a spijtoptant. In return for all the openness in the criminal accounts and the contacts that he was given a guarantee never to have a day in the cell, and to stay there.

More about Dejan Veljkovic, Flemish, lawyers fear for himself, for the killings after the murder of a Dutch co-worker: “to be Honest, I don’t know if I drugszaken still going to do it,” Operation Clean hands, for the time being, the 21, on the strafbank, but for those who will be of any felony suspect in the voetbalschandaal? In our World of the past football season, Lawyer, Veljkovic asked for a separate settlement in the case file matchfixing, “He can act as a spijtoptant is not to defend”