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“Dancer” or “Dancer”, has gone into the annals as the bull that killed Joselito, the king of the bullfighters. Belonging to the livestock of the Widow of Ortega , he wrestled in the fifth place on the fateful afternoon of Talavera.

the Son of “Basket” and the cow “Dancer”, had black hair and, according to the figure in the Cossío, was a bull of “small size, presence, and fine appearance”.

“He has killed the bull, fifth; it was called Dancer, was black, I was five years old, he was very young, he was short of pythons and weighed only 260 pounds; he belonged to the cattle of the widow of Ortega , a cross of Veragua and Santa Coloma”, had Gregorio Corrochano in the chronicle of ABC.

And added the critical alphabet: “he Went out the fifth bull, as perfect as tend to be all the bulls cornicortos, and without reloading, without get it just the horses, because it was the less bravo, killed as many as varas took . Joselito showed me with the gesture that the bull did not like it, I replied that I didn’t like… One of the many comments are dumb as Joselito and I used to do in the cumshots. Later I told her that the bull was burriciego , he told me that the bull had lost the sight in horses. And he went out to kill. The bull defended, and I was a bronco…”

And it came to the goring, the goring of the bullfighter’s who said that it seemed that what had calved a cow.

“Dancer” is one of those names cursed, as “Clever”, “Bearded” or “Burlero”, the bulls, with death written on their pythons.