Langemark-Poelkapelle –

During a summer trip with the 42-year-old Jaguar E-Type and his father was alarmed, K. V. (30) from Bikschote is Sunday, suddenly, of an accident. In the Poelkapellestraat in the town of Langemark was flying and the car is suddenly on fire.

“The wagon fell suddenly silent in the middle of the street,” testified K. V., “and Immediately after that, shots are fired and there is already flame through the cooling holes on the hood to the outside. I was in a panic, as the fire was located in the trunk, and that I couldn’t open it. After that, I was a fool to start ringing the bell for the houses to have fire extinguishers and call the fire department. Fortunately it stopped at the same time, a car, and I was able to with the fire of the flames to be extinguished. At the same time, a resident with a tuinslag and extinguished, we are of the engine compartment. Just in time, because the flames were really high too. Immediately afterwards, the fire and opened the hood. It turned out that the air filter melted to it. Maybe there is a problem with the cooling system. What a shame, because the car is a pure pleasure to my father. I took a short afternoon to come along for a ride for too long to dwell on it, it is never a good thing for these cars. And just a little over two miles further on same thing happened.” The Jaguar E-type with its 5.3-litre V12 engine is the original with a 272-horsepower under the hood, it was hoisted. It is unclear as to how much the repair costs will be.

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