If you want to convince people to be in a technical profession, to practice it, there is a lot more than just the benefits of the paint off. “They have to be of a young age are very concrete projects to be able to carry out the social impact of their work and be able to adopt,” says Elizabeth Schraepen, co-ordinator of the province of Limburg VOICE, ” ’t is finished!, an initiative to create technical positions to prepare for the job market.

It’s no secret that there is a serious lack of technically trained people. Have been trying for years, the government, in many ways, and for young people, job-seekers and employees who are open to a new challenge in the direction of the technical jobs to be send. With varying degrees of success. The threshold for some people is too high, while the demand for these profiles is still growing.

to create A formula that does work, it is done by the Limburg VOICE, ” ’t is finished!, a three-year project with a long-term ambition to be a Hilly techtalenten easy to bring them into line with the labour market. The method by which success is to be achieved, is the creation of new ways of working that will result from the co-operation between technical schools and companies.

“what We have found is that people are really interested in getting into the technical professions, such as specific projects, be able to run it, which is a clear added value,” said Elizabeth Schraepen, of the province of Limburg VOICE, ” ’t is finished! co-ordinates for MY province of Limburg, the organisation, which, by the T2 campus in Genk, belgium, is responsible for the smooth flow of talent in the areas of technique and technology. “It’s not enough to simply say that there are a lot of future in, for example, the programming of the robots. If you, on the other hand, young people can make it work in a practical application, which is a company, or a health care provider afterwards, was a huge success, the harvest, is the next step and actually apply for a job in the industry already, a lot of less.”