Mr Maier, you have to work in and around Lübeck as a so-called Premium Santa Claus. How long has it been?

for money I do it only since last year. I actually work as a small performer and actor for Film and television. Five years ago, a colleague said: “You have the stature and the Hair the ideal conditions. Go for it Santa!“ The idea has needed some time to manifest itself.

How have you been preparing?

First, I have thought about a nice costume and with the help of my wife created. The cloth is not Felt in bright Red, as is familiar from Low-Budget Christmas men. I wanted to be more authentic. I don’t have a bright red coat, but a woven wool fabric, with a bit of Texture. The fur is not bright white, it is a light art coat with dark hair. Overall, looks rustic as a scrawny Student, without the belly and beard. I am also somewhat proud that I can contribute my natural attributes.

Currently you do not hear again and again that the shortage of skilled workers also makes before Christmas men.

I’ve heard of it. But I think this is more of a General Problem: fewer and fewer people want to pay for good work is also good. Just in the artistic field. All appreciate art and culture is very high, but when it comes, it should cost, the interest suddenly. The artists want to live from something. This is, I believe, is the fundamental problem.

What are the qualifications required to bring a new entrant to the profession of Santa Claus?

the build has to fit on every case. Also, the willingness on the client, as well as a feeling for children and the Child needs to be there. The Santa Claus is just a big kid. What moves someone else to operate at the North pole in a toy factory with dwarves and elves and to give away everything, what is produced, at Christmas?

How many dates you have, even in the Christmas season?

Last year I advertised relatively late. Had Christmas eve I then four dates. This year I celebrate, with a view to operation, and the club inserted fixed by the end of September. With the success that I was fully booked within a week on Christmas eve. For Christmas parties, I haven’t gotten a single booking.