residence of the Vice President 1
residence of the Vice President 1

Harris does not have plans to move in quickly — and here is why

Harris, 56, will dwell at the 19th-century house along with her husband, Doug Emhoff, 56, in Number One Observatory Circle. She will be the vice president to live in the Queen Anne-style house, which was created the official home of the sitting vice president in 1974, according to the White House’s official site.

But , Harris and Emhoff might need to wait, to”permit for repairs to the house which are more readily conducted with the house unoccupied,” an aide confirmed to Fox News, adding that the repairs worried chimey liners along with other family upkeep.

Until the repairs are complete, the couple will reside at Blair House near the White House, the house that functions as lodging for the president’s guests, Fox News has confirmed.

The three-story Observatory Home house, built-in 1894, is constructed from brick and timber, with green shutters and a whirlpool porch. The home, which sits on 72 acres, also offers a refurbished living space, sitting room, garden area, two lounges, reception hall, kitchen and dining area.

The house itself was originally built for the superintendent of the U.S. Naval Observatory (that the observatory remains being used by the Navy) however the then-chief of naval operations “kicked out” that the superintendent to ensure he, rather, could inhabit it.

The decision was later made to convert the house into the vice president’s house in 1974, but Vice President Gerald Ford never settled before he assumed the presidency after President Richard Nixon’s resignation. His second-in-command, Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, claimed a house elsewhere in the next years.

It was only in Walter Mondale, who served under President Jimmy Carter between 1977 and 1981, a vice president eventually moved in. (Pence transferred from the house prior to attending the Inauguration on Wednesday.)