enough is Enough. “Given the chaotic conditions in the run-up to the Brexit Queen Elizabeth II has spoken a word of Power: How the 92-Year-old in a televised address announced, will be converted into the parliamentary monarchy, with immediate effect, in an absolute monarchy.”

Rainer Hank

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you have to see this “ridiculous democracy circus” long enough to the marsh and was “not amused”, said the Queen: “Useless spontaneously elections, unstable majorities, Rumgeeiere the Brexit course, failed votes, motions of censure, Boris Johnson. It’s enough!“

“The spiders, the British”

This is of course fictitious, to read in the satirical magazine “Postillon”, a very successful website with claims to 12 million page views and seven million Visits in month (December 2018). The Fake message about the abolition of the democracy in the United Kingdom, published shortly after the parliamentary defeat of Theresa Mays Brexit Deal in mid-January, arrived in this country, particularly On Facebook was shared over 10,000 Times and 2,800 Times commented.

It is worthwhile to skim these comments. “I regret very much that the Postillion is a satirical magazine,” there a lot of applause. “Wouldn’t be the Worst,” added another. The modified spell of the Gauls: “The spiders, the British.”

the postilion number to take seriously, a reflection of you but incomprehension and a growing impatience of the German with the British: Otherwise, the pattern of Democrats, we are now of the opinion that one should not overdo it with the parliamentary system.

you Brits are it was self-who wanted to leave the European Union – and now you can’t some of you again, how you want it. What a shambles.

a longing after the word

at the time, we better get in a serious hour, isn’t it? “I know of no parties, no confessions, I know only Germans,” had the German Emperor Wilhelm II on 1. In August 1914, in a speech said that as a “2. Balcony speech“ in the history books. Any of this resonates, if serious contemporaries on Facebook today: “the Federal President, Steinmeier had already spoken a word of Power.” In the land of the Basta-Chancellor, the people and the elites love the power word.

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Almost seems as if the same people (the”upstanding Democrats”), the scourges of the populism-based authoritarianism in many countries (Hungary, Poland, Turkey and of course, America), efforts with a view to the British anti-parliamentary talking-shop argument, if you are looking for the power word of a man or a woman at the helm of the Kingdom.