In history, the 2000s hold a special place. At the time, everything seemed possible… and easy. “”The 2000s is a mix of the extravagance of the 1980s and futuristic delusions linked to all the imagination of the new millennium”, commented Zoé Térouinard, editorial director of Muuuz, at Slate.

It is this optimism that some seek today with great nostalgia in their choice of clothing, television series or even music. Low waist jeans, candy pink accessories, walkmans, coarse rhinestones, return of cult programs… “The idea in all this is to borrow aesthetic codes from this era, while maintaining the new demands associated with the current context”, summarized again Zoe Terouinard.

Because today, those who grew up in the 2000s are in their early thirties, and for many, the memory of this era is a refuge. At the time, no Covid-19 or yellow vest crisis, let alone war in Ukraine. It was the era of large-scale entertainment and the birthplace of many popular culture legends.

The web was also taking its first steps as a mass communication tool, with the ancestors of today’s social networks: MSN, MySpace… Today, we would think we were talking about another century, and yet, the 2000s weren’t that long ago.

Still, this cyclical enthusiasm for past eras (who knows, in 20 years, we will surely be nostalgic for the 2020s) brings back to life certain vestiges that we would have thought buried forever.

You probably remember the first Game Boy, tamagotchi toys, Pokémon cards or “fridge” phones that had their best days in the 2000s. What are they worth today? Find out in our slideshow.