The soap opera Scenes of households loses one of its heroines. The actress Marion Game died on Thursday March 23 at the age of 84 at her home located in Clamart in the Hauts-de-Seine. Since 2009, the actress took on the role of Huguette and formed one of the emblematic couples of the soap opera with Raymond, played by her accomplice Gérard Hernandez.

His sudden disappearance was made public by his daughter Virginie Ledieu, with AFP. “It is in the tenderness and affection of her family that she left to join the stars”, she declared in the media this Friday. Fruit of her union with Philippe Ledieu in 1959, the actress Marion Game welcomed their daughter on August 2, 1960 in Casablanca, Morocco.

While Marion Game and Philippe Ledieu divorce some time after her birth, young Virginie finds herself torn between her parents. As she said during her stint in 2021 in It starts today on France 2. “I was very separated from my mom in my childhood. It was my dad who picked me up when I was small”, confided the one who wanted at the base “to study at the Sorbonne”, quoted by Télé-Loisirs.

Far from her mother who was pursuing her career, Virginie Ledieu spoke of the lack of this maternal figure. “It was a time when she was leaving a lot, on a theater tour. At the time, the Herbert tours (Parisian touring company, editor’s note), it lasted, it lasted, it lasted”, and then to add. “In short, things weren’t going very well between my father and my mother, so it was very difficult”.

The years have passed and the daughter of Philippe Ledieu decides one day to reconnect with her mother by pushing the door of the Simon course. A place where Marion Game frequented the benches before starting her career. “It’s a radical turn and I stayed there. I had a scholarship at the end of my first year. Which allowed me to do the second, because I was working at night to do my studies. “, she confessed in the program on France 2.

For Virginie Ledieu, it was not easy to announce to her famous mother that she also wanted to pursue a career in comedy. “We met really a little late. […] and in fact when at the end of the first year, I passed the stage, which meant that I had the scholarship, the director of the course called her to that she participates in the jury. And when I saw her, that’s when she understood that I was going to make my career out of it”.

Subsequently, Virginie Ledieu made a few appearances on television in various fictions such as Au théâtre ce soir (1984), SOS 18 (from 2005 to 2010), but also in Off Prime where she played Virginie Efira’s mother. In 2013, the actress also starred in the same fiction as her mother in Scenes of households, but she gave the reply to Liliane (Valérie Karsenti) in an episode on M6. Like her mother, Virginie Ledieu is a dubbing actress who has lent her voice to American stars such as Meg Ryan, Drew Barrymore and Nicole Kidman.