Nostalgia is on the rise. When a newborn is born, parents have the daunting task of assigning a meaningful name to their offspring. Inspired by religion, mythology, popular or regional culture… Finding the ideal name can be complicated if you lack inspiration before such an event.

Each year, L’Officiel des prenomen establishes the list of popular names to be given for a child. Among those in the 2023 ranking, we find Jade, Louise and Emma in the top 3 women. While Léo, Gabriel and Raphaël are the most fashionable among boys. However, not all names have the same popularity over the years.

If you think that the first names of our ancestors and grandparents seem old-fashioned today, the trend is likely to be reversed. It’s simple: vintage is the new fashion of the moment. A wave of nostalgia that extends into our way of life, our cultural tastes and even into the choice of names given to your grandchildren.

If we believe L’Officiel des prenomen in its new publication, we discover that certain names deemed unpopular could experience a resurgence in notoriety in twenty years. Among them, we can see that a trend emerges for two particular first names (female and male) from the period. But, other factors should encourage future parents to take inspiration from your generation to find a name for your granddaughter or grandson.

Which baby names deemed outdated today will be popular again in 2040? We reveal here some names that should evoke childhood memories.