For several years, the 68-year-old artist has been spending peaceful days alongside his companion Laure, 29 years his junior. During his life, Didier Barbelivien had romantic relationships with younger women, but also older than him, as he declared to Paris Match in 2009.

“I had women who were ten years older than me or twenty years younger. I adore all women. When I met Laure, I was 51, she was 22. The difference between age scared us, but the more we knew each other, the more in love we became“, he explained. Quickly, the interpreter of It is necessary to leave time to time fell under the spell of the young woman.

What seduced him? His spirit of contradiction. “One of the subjects to avoid between us is politics. As soon as we start talking about it, we argue because Laure is a socialist and I am a Sarkozyist. I still managed to convince her to vote for Sarkozy!”, explained he and added: “Our relationship is simple and elegant. It’s been going on for five years and we’re good like that. In a love story, you’re never sure of anything, I know… But it’s the first time I’ve seen it.”

Since then, their little family has grown with the birth of their twins Louise and Lola. In 2009, the lovers had also raised the issue of having children to our colleagues. “We think about it without thinking about it. If it happens, it’s fine. It’s like the rest, when we met, we agreed on a lease, like for an apartment, of three, six, nine , but in months… and then, one day, we forgot the lease”.

More recently in Paris Match, Didier Barbelivien had made a tender declaration of love to his dear and tender: “Laure is super cool! Which has not always been the case with my other wives – maybe I don’t I was not really either. She is much younger than me, so she is more in the century, she has more feet on the ground. She knows perfectly well how we pilot this thing that is our couple. Planet invites you to discover their couple photos in our slideshow.