The Kurds of Syria will expect to respond because of the terrorist group the Islamic State (ISIS), after their leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghadi in a Us raid, to the life, and the commander of Mazloem Abadi, of the Democratic Syrian Forces (SDF) on Sunday said. This Kurdish-dominated army, was a partner of the united states in the fight against the IS in Syria.

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“The dormant cells Baghdadi break up with you. We expect the us to have everything, including the attacks on the prisons,” which Even the thousands of jihadists ‘ captivity, says Abadi, compared to the French press agency (AFP).
More about the United States is a lack of evidence, and a foreign location is: Russia has doubts about operation USA, which led to the death of the ISIS leader al-Baghdadi “Righteousness”: see here for the full speech, He is about the death of the ISIS leader al-Baghdadi