Roger Federer (ATP 3), on Sunday, for the tenth time in the ATP tournament in his home city of Basle, close/2.082.655 of euro) too.

In the final overklaste, the 38-year-old Swiss rider 18 years old, young Australian Alex de Minaur (ATP 28) with the double 6-2. Their first mutual duel, and it lasted for 1 hour and 9 minutes.

the Won rose for the fifteenth time in the final of the tournament in Basel and, well, over the past two years, he got out of the race in the bag. He won for the 103rd time in a ATP tournament is the fourth of the season, after Dubai, Miami, Halle, germany. Nadal’s six titles will be removed from the item record, the name of the American Jimmy Connors (109).

Minaur, played for the sixth time in his career to an ATP final for the fourth time this year. Based In Sydney, Atlanta, and the Example he has won this season, the time of the final battle.

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