Zurich Film Festival – Rolf Lyssy for his life’s work ausgezeichnetMit “The swissmakers” from the year 1978, he created the most successful Swiss Film of the last 50 years. In the autumn, the today 84-Year-old great honour.0 comment Rolf Lyssy, filmmaker at home in Zurich. (Archive)photo: Reto Oschger

Rolf Lyssy receives from the Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) an award for his life’s work. The ZFF is dedicated to his work, in addition, a retrospective, and shows his new Film, a garden-plot Comedy, the on 8. October is coming to cinemas, as a world premiere.

The Zurich Lyssy is one of the most outstanding filmmakers of Switzerland, say it in a message to the Zurich Film Festival on Thursday. His masterpiece “The swissmakers” with over one Million cinema viewers, to date, the most successful Swiss Film. The price is Lyssy during the Zurich Film Festival 24. September to 4. October passed.

“Lyssy is capable of is second to none in this country of tragedy and Comedy to connect with each other. Although his films are light-footed staged, deal with the essential questions of life”, is the Artistic Director of Christian young quote.


Rolf Lyssy was born in 1936 in Zurich, is the Scion of a Jewish family. Since there were no film schools, he made first an apprenticeship as a photographer. In 1966, he acted in the documentary film “Ursula or hated life,” his mentors Walter Marti and Reni Mertens as a cameraman and Cutter. With the confrontation over the attempted murder of the Jewish student David Frankfurter to the high-ranking Nazi, Wilhelm Gustloff, in Davos, he caught the 1975 international attention.

After that, Lyssy with dialect celebrated comedies such as “The swissmakers” (1978), “tape of love” (1981), “Teddy bear” (1983) and “Leo Sonnyboy” (1989) was a great success.

“Within the’ 68 Generation has been misunderstood Lyssy of many colleagues, which was suspicious to the audience, and as a Unterhaltungsfuzzi stamped”, will young is quoted in the FESTIVAL’s message. Here, Lyssy had paintings with his films, precise manners of the Swiss society, which are still relevant today.


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