An unbearable woman who is in the relationship between the brothers and Harry and William’s break-and-her-house-for millions of late renovated with taxpayers ‘ money. No, Meghan Markle, is not a nice princess, portrayed by British tabloids. It seems as if the whole of the United Kingdom, a dislike to the wife of prince Harry. But is that really the case?

ever Since its introduction to the United Kingdom, Meghan, in the British tabloids from the past given it. For example, the troubled relationship with her father is widely reported. Well, the big expense of $ 2.6 million for the renovation of their homes, came to Meghan and go to a lot of criticism, too. According to the British boekskes’ the Us is very dominant, and that the British royal family and her prefer to leave.

with all the negative publicity, did the British fashion magazine Tatler, a survey of 2.016 Britons to see what people think about her. And guess what: the British are behind Meghan. If she is more popular than Kate Middleton, but 44 percent would prefer to be the wife of prince William, over Meghan Markle.

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in Addition, 55 per cent of the respondents believe that the arrival of Meghan, a positive impact on the image of the British royal family. The British love of the princess (and her husband) also prefer to stay in the country, with only 23 per cent find that the couple to Los Angeles, where Meghan lived, you can move it.

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