Supermarket: the 5 products most often on sale


Make great deals every week. When it comes to food, it is sometimes difficult to reconcile healthy food and a basket at a lower cost. According to a Bonial-OpinionWay survey, 80% of French people have changed their habits and favor the discounts offered in supermarkets even more than before. L ess meat or fish, fewer branded products, more foodstuffs close to the use-by date… There are many tricks. Other consumers also spend a little more time in the promotions section of their big box store, looking for the best possible savings.

It must be said that certain products regularly return to these shelves, according to a study by the NielsenIQ institute identified by Capital. In 2021, FMCG promotions accounted for 21.4% of sales. A record that could well be beaten this year because, for several weeks, supermarkets have been competing in ingenuity to attract you and save you money. Immediate discount, vouchers, accumulation on the loyalty card… There is something for everyone, but sure values ​​sometimes remain in the promotions department.

Be careful, however, not to buy to buy, because this is the trap of this type of offer. When you browse the aisles dedicated to small prices, take a good look at the price per kilo because large packages are not always more advantageous than smaller ones. Above all, ask yourself if you really need so many detergents, if you’re really going to consume four jams or 28 pains au chocolat in the coming weeks… If that’s not the case, move on.

Do not buy in a hurry, thinking that the promotion will not return, because certain products are presented regularly in these departments. Find out which ones below.