After a chase on the 5 freeway, the police have seized only with effort, to stop a queue lines moving truck. The driver of the semi-trailer sped finally in the height of the connection point of the Darmstadt-Ebersberg unrestrained in a purpose-built Barrier. The strong alcohol smelling driver was easily brought injured to the medical examination and blood collection to the hospital, the police announced. He spent the night in the hospital, and sits now in custody, the police announced on Sunday.

An alcohol test revealed a value of 2.3 ppm, it said on Sunday. In the cab of the tractor trailer, the officers had, therefore, several bottles of vodka. Contrary to initial investigations, it was a 37Jahre old man, corrected the police your details. According to the current state of the man is 41 years old. This had to be verified definitively.

reckless driving

The tractor-trailer was already in the state of Baden-Württemberg with its risky style of driving noticed, – stated in the message. Road users alerted the police, the pursuit. The driver did not Stop, but tries to get the police car out of the way. In addition, he was barreled over two motorway Parking lots. In order to prevent the truck is riding on a jam at the end, built the car the police with a stationary transverse load, and a patrol car with a Barrier. These have stopped the 40-Tonner in the end.

The trailer truck, the truck of the car, train master’s office and the patrol car were damaged in the collision total. According to police, damage in the amount of about 300,000 Euro. The driver was arrested, the police have initiated proceedings for dangerous driving against him. The motorway was due to the clean-up until late Saturday night.