It will soon be time to put away the tubes of sunscreen and take the schoolbags out of the closet: the start of the school year is approaching, and with it, new expenses are to be expected. Especially on the family side: this year, inflation will not spare the cost of school supplies either.

For Franceinfo, Ramdane, father of two, estimates that his shopping cart of supplies is costing him 25 euros more this year than in 2021. “Rent, gas, now electricity. We have to be careful! “, he confides to the media.

“It’s complicated to finish the month and pay for supplies. I had anticipated by starting the school races in June and July, but the teachers ask for a lot of things.”, also testifies Lydie in the columns of 20 Minutes.

According to a study by Families of France, the parents of a sixth-grade student will have to pay an average of 208 euros for back-to-school purchases this year. This is 4.25% more than last year.

The cause: galloping inflation and the rise in the price of paper pulp.

But it’s not just stationery that weighs heavily on students’ budgets: rent, food, health costs, transport… For many schoolchildren and even for the oldest, the month of September actually marks the beginning of a very expensive school year.

According to the Federation of General Student Associations, la Fage, the cost of a student return to university amounts, as such, to 2,527 euros in 2022. That is an increase of 7.38% compared to the year last.

The situation is critical for many households. As every year, however, they can count on certain recurring “boosting” measures, and on other, more ad hoc measures introduced by the government to deal with the crisis.

Allowances, bonuses, revaluations… In our slideshow, discover all the aid you may be able to benefit from in a few weeks.