The summer sales season is on. As every year, the brands will display their best reductions in the window for nearly six weeks. For 2023, the sales period has been set between Wednesday June 28th until July 25th. But the latter is also marked by inflation. Thus, many French people want to take advantage of these low prices to make purchases of household appliances.

Asked by Capital, Anna Perret Silberberg, communication manager at the price comparator Idealo, warns of the impact of inflation on the summer sales. “This is the case of smartphones and vacuum cleaners, very affected by inflation, which are less likely to serve as big promotions,” she explains. But some sites on the Internet offer “flash offers on a specific model, often with limited stock”, she announces. But then when is the sales period most conducive to making good deals?

Idealo has analyzed the trends for the 2022 summer sales and the findings are clear. “Out of 20 different categories, the second and third weeks of the summer sales are the most advantageous,” says Anna Perret Silberberg. Conversely, the first week is considered the most expensive. But these results do not imply homogeneity in the reductions applied to the products.

So, if you finally want to acquire a fan, there is a good chance that there will be very little margin of difference between the prices offered in the first week and those of the third week. For good reason, the heat wave forecasts for this summer lead to an increase in the purchase of these products.

To get good deals, don’t rush to the shops in the first week. Also remember to consult an online comparator to find out which brands apply the lowest prices on the same item.