In the midst of a period of inflation, the French are more concerned with their till receipt at the exit of the supermarket than with having fun. Many of them are wondering when the price spike will level off. To make ends meet, some families do not hesitate to tighten their belts. Also, the government had to think about the urgent implementation of an anti-inflation basket which will arrive in supermarkets next March.

Faced with this critical situation, healthy foods are often neglected in favor of the cheapest foods on the market. However, by eating local and especially seasonal, it is not always more expensive to eat well.

Indeed, some fruits and vegetables grown in France such as apples or citrus fruits remain quite accessible and allow a multitude of gourmet recipes. Also eating fresh produce will improve your health and eating local will reduce your carbon footprint.

France, country of gastronomy, is full of culinary treasures and depending on your region you can take advantage of attractive prices. Let’s not forget that some regions are breeding grounds such as Normandy or Brittany and you will find fish at low prices along the coast by going directly to the fishing ports when the boats leave. And if eating fresh is always more expensive for meat or fish, frozen foods do not lose their health benefits.

In this slideshow, Planet offers you a non-exhaustive list of products that you can consume in February without breaking the bank.